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Ascendance Model

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Sorry about the delay! It wasn’t in my hands, the stability of the European Beta Realm crossed my plans of presenting Ascendance as soon as possible. The most recent build 15589 caused severe issues and the realm crashed in 5-10 minute intervals, followed by unresponsive login servers. But finally all these issues have been overcome and I was able to level to 87 and here it is, the Ascendant of Air!

Patch 4.3 General and Enhancement Shaman changes

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The launch of Patch 4.3 is imminent, meaning it is a good time to look at the changes that are coming for us. A few weeks back I already wrote about this subject and not many things have changed, I suggest you take a look here first.

Enhancement Shaman Craftable Items, Patch 4.2

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The coming patch will introduce new craftable items for us Enhancement Shamans, which will become within a few days into Patch 4.2. These items are Dragonfire Gloves, (Itemlevel 378) and Earthen Scale Sabatons, (Itemlevel 378). As for weapons, Blizzard apparently gave Blacksmiths the ability to craft an Agility Sword and a Strength Axe, but you know fairly well which of these weapons we won’t be able to use, don’t you? Good that they recently blogged about avoiding this kind of itemization issues. My forum posts are up to date unanswered 😀 Anyway here are the items and the required crafting materials.

Patch 4.2 Enhancement Shaman Changes

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Patch 4.2 has been announced to release next reset, at the 28th June. Apart from all the changes that you can read up on here we will look at the Enhancement Shaman specific changes. You may have wondered that the site hasn’t been updated, bt the ugly truth is, there was nothing to announce for our class. Until the Q/A was filled up with complaints about our current status. Interesting enough, 24h hours later Enhancement Shamans got announced and it was it was a buff.

Patch 4.1 Titles & Equipment Manager UI

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While checking the new gold drops from bosses for the previous post I noticed that the character menu got a new ui to select Titles and Equipment. On live Realms it is a bit bothersome to select new titles if you have a lot. Also the Equipment Manager no longer opens to the side and is better integrated into the char screen … unless … you want to see stats while playing around with gear 😀 Anyway here is a Screenshot.

Patch 4.1 introduces massive drop in Gold from certain Bosses

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Blizzard announced a few days ago that they wanted to decrease the amount of gold that certain raid bosses would drop. This made me head to PTR and check out how bad the situation has become. Unfortunately Doomwalker/Kazzak weren’t up, but I was able to kill Magtheridon. Since he drops the same amount of Gold as Kazzak/Doomwalker on live realms you can conclude that their gold is in the same range.