Wildstar Footage Combat Telegraphs

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This week Jeremy Gaffneys talks about Combat Telegraphs. The Combat-UI in Wildstar displays the area of effect for hostile actions as red paintings on the floor. Jeremy Gaffneys shows these combat elements in a video on various examples. Enjoy!

Participate in the REDkit beta!

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Head over to the Witcher 2 Website if you want to take part in the upcoming closed beta test of the REDkit. This is a mod tool that will make it easy to create your own Witcher 2 mods.

Wildstar Social System Concepts

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Since the very first moment that Jeremy Gaffney talked about being the first MMO with a special social designer I have wondered what this person’s job was. To be honest I am not a real fan of facebook/twitter and co and I feared that it was some useless connect to these kind of social networks. Fortunately This week’s Wildstar Wednesday clears things up for us.

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Wildstar Housing Teaser

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This Week’s Wildstar Wednesday is really amazing! Carbine not only revealed that Wildstar will have housing, but they did it in their own unique way. If you want a peek at Carbine’s art style, humor and none the less at some housing options then read on below!

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Wildstar Friends and Family Video

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The past weeks I have totally been sucked into Diablo, driving back his forces to hell. Nothing has been able to get me away from the game so far, even my World of Warcraft subscription ran out (finally). But this week I got a mail from Carbine with a preview of todays Wildstar Wednesday and I was totally blown away. If you recall my rant about Wildstar Wednesdays and suggestions on how to improve them you will realize that this week they show how I always imagined them!

MoP BETA: Glyph of (large) Spectral Wolf

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Last night we got a new (surprise) Build – 15689. Main reason behind this build was to re-enable the 64-bit client that got bugged last week. Sadly since the shaman changes are scarce so there isn’t much to show, even this build has only some minor tweaks to glyphs. One of them being a new Ghost Wolf appearance, the large Spectral Wolf.