Wildstar Footage from Gamescom 2012

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Finally some exclusive footage from Wildstar at gamescom 2012 made it to gametrailers. Jeremy Gaffney gives us an excellent walkthrough of combat, environment, new zones. There are tons of new pieces and bits, inclusive the estimated start of the Wildstar Beta!

A look at Carbine’s Prop Team!

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This Wildstar Wednesday we will have a look at “The Prop Team” at Carbine Studios, which is creating the little gadgets that we have seen in previous videos. It is always nice to look behind the scenes, see the excitement for the project at the average worker, how and what they work on, giving the company a face.

WildStar Wednesday: The Recipe for Perfect Music

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This weeks Wildstar Wednesday is all about Music. Lead Composer Jeff Kurtenacker talks about the musical opportunities to play with tonality and colors fitting to a future-fantasy setting. We also get to hear 2 new tracks, “What We now call Home” and “Justice doesn’t always wear a Badge”

Layer System in Combat and Paths

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Tenton Hammer has an interesting series of interviews with Jermy Gaffneys of Carbine Studios about their upcoming stylish MMORPG Hit Wildstar. He goes into detail about how they reward a player for playing good and gives an excellent example how the layer system works in the starting zone.