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WoW 64-bit Client now available!

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With 1 day delay Blizzard published the 64-bit windows and apple client today. The installation is quite easy – in fact it seemed almost too easy, but it works perfectly fine. By using this new client you can expect improved performance in various ways. My PC seems to load faster, WoW seems to have stopped stuttering in raid encounters (with lots of combat parsing) and it seems the load is slightly lower.

Myrddin vs Yor’sahj the Unsleeping 25m heroic

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Borked has stopped raiding late 4.2 and at first I’d like to thank Group Therapy on EU-Ravencrest for letting me raid with them! The past weeks, especially after the heroic Madness of Deathwing with an Enhancement Shaman topping DPS I got quite a few whispers asking me how Enhancement AoE exactly works. Having this covered in a previous post I thought it would be nice to demonstrate how the AOE looks from an Enhancement Shaman point of view. Yors’sahj the Unsleeping in 25 man heroic Version seems like a perfect encounter.

How to get the most out of LFR

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Patch 4.3 introduced the perfect way to raid for your alts, looking for raid – lfr. Personally I enjoy having the possibility to raid a bit with my alts, even with low experience or bad gear. You don’t need to be in a guild, there is no pressure with consumables or people raging on vt – just plain simple and kind of fun raiding. It helped me improve my skills and motivated me enough to level up 2 of my alts I haven’t touched since vanilla. But how do we use the LFR system to our advantage?

Myrddin receives Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake

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I had spent weeks camping one of his spawn spots but never had the luck to get him to spawn for me. during the time I have been able to take down Vyragosa (rumors are that the Time-Lost Proto-Drake is a rare spawn of Vyragosa) a good 12-15 times but it was always others who ended up finding the Proto-Drake. Christmas however seemed like the perfect opportunity to camp Storm Peaks. Indeed noona had been online 24th-25th at night and I was able to get him.

Myrddin receives Ashes of Al’ar

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Countless kills were needed, but finally Ashes of Al’ar dropped! We have been duoing TK with FS for quite some time when we finally got lucky – me a bit more than FS 😀 In all the years since TBC it was only the second mount that dropped for us. First one went to Nhiha, on his first and only run since TBC 😀

Crazy Sales

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I know people are always doubting if my business model in wow really works. What I am doing it to keep stuff at a high price at the auction house and never undercut anyone. In fact my prices are often 5-8 times higher than normal and people often write me nice mails that I am crazy … but what can I say … it works!

GM Response on LFR Loot Rolls

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Just a quick heads up on the LFR Loot Rolls. I was going for a second round as I passed on my first one and noticed I was not allowed to roll on loot. Hence I asked a GM if it was bugged.