Patches and 64-bit Client (updated)

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If you have the 64-bit client you need to remove it prior patching to the new version of the game, which will be launched today/tomorrow or the patching will result in an internal error. See the blue post below.

Myrddin solos Anub’Rekhan 10m

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Previous tries did not work so well and I haven’t tried for a long time. Always thought with a bit better gear and some rng it would be possible at some point. This reset Anub’Rekhan, first boss of the Naxxramas Spiderwing was overdue. This was a messy kill and halfway through I was certain to die, ran towards the entrance to wipe. Next week I’ll give you a better kill.

Myrddin solos Faerlina

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This reset I tried my luck with Anub’Rekhan again and to my surprise I was able to kill him. The next Boss in Naxxramas’ Spiderwing is Faerlina with her 4 adds. The fight is very easy and should not post a threat to anyone making it past Anub’Rekhan. See yourself!

Rekill: Sartharion 10 man solo

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A week ago I decided to see if I was able to kill Sartharion 3D, but I could not – YET. However I frapsed Sartharion, the old one was a “sloppy” first kill and this one is much smoother as you can see. There is also a Shadron solo part, so you can clear the Instance solo.

Myrddin solos Razorscale 10m

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This kill is was actually much harder than expected. Initially I thought this was a walk-through, slash some adds, kill pinned down dragon that won’t even fight until 50% … but then he hits really hard around 20k per hit. Wanted to wait for some better gear since I am still in FL gear mostly, only have 2 Nokaled’s from Dragonsoul 😀 But yeah, I haven’t had much luck with loot. Your requests for more kills encouraged me to try those bosses and here is how I ended up with a kill.

Myrddin solos XT-002 Deconstructor 10m

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You have been asking me to try soloing more stuff and I have managed a few new kills. One of them, XT-002 Deconstructor in Ulduar was actually not that hard. It was the first pull that ended up in a kill, while I actually wanted to test the encounter first. So yeah, the kill is not “perfect”.

Love is in the Air Farming (Lovely Charm)

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The holiday event “Love is in the Air” started last night. You can now complete Achievements and purchase old and newly added items. Those however require a sh.. big load of Love token. There are a couple of of ways to get these. The event boss will drop 6-10 Love Token once a day, then there is the usual daily quest grind and you can purchase love token with Charm Bracelets. These can be farmed!