Participate in the REDkit beta!

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Head over to the Witcher 2 Website if you want to take part in the upcoming closed beta test of the REDkit. This is a mod tool that will make it easy to create your own Witcher 2 mods.

Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Intro

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On April 17th CD Project will release the Enhanced Edition of Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. If you had the feeling that Act 3 was always a bit too short you’ll be happy to hear that among other things new areas added will be added to the Loc Muinne Sewers and mountain area. There will also be new Characters to meet.

Where is Malena?

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Malena, is an Elf Woman in Act I. She has been accused of being a Scoia’tael and luring Loredo’s Men into a trap. Exploring the cave where Loredo’s men have been last seen you will find out that she has been rightfully accused. It is up to you to decide to deal with that. I chose to not stir up more hate towards the nonhumans and decided to side with her.


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Witcher 2 is actually the first game where I like dwarfs, they are so charismatic and authentic (considering they are dwarves). One of my favourite moments, I still have to giggle when I think about it, takes place in Vergen. Zoltan is taking part in Philippa Eilhart’s healing ritual. But watch the video below.

Witcher 2: NPC Behaviour, Rain

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There are plenty of complaints about the NPC’s lack of reaction to happenings around them at the witcher forums. I was Idling in Flotsam (Act I) when it started to rain and suddenly noticed how the NPC’s ran to take cover from the rain. They caughed, complained and went back out in the sun when the rain was over. I instantly recalled the complaint and thought, “there you go, idiot!”. I absolutely love these details in “The Witcher 2”.

Witcher 2: Where is Cedric?

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There are a couple of quests that require you to talk to Cedric, an Elf living in Lobinden, the Slums outside Flotsam. It seems that people ahve a hrd time finding him.

Witcher 2: Triss Merigold Nude Patch (Patch 1.2)

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Out of curiosity I was looking at the xml-files in the Witcher 2 folder and noticed that there were some skin definitions. It was rather easy to make Triss Merigold appear nude everywhere. Sure it may be childish, on the other hand it doesn’t hurt anyone to give thes dark times a pleasant, bright contrast.