Wildstar (Mini-)Bosses!

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This weeks Wildstar Wednesday shows 3 different minibosses from the starter area. Frost Giant, Xenobite Queen and the Zones bad-ass ULTRABOT. If you saw the video presentation then you have most likely already seen the Frost Giant and Ultrabot. The Xenobite Queen has been shown in an uncommented video, I’ll see if I can add it 🙂 But lets look at what Atreid has to say.

Northern Wilds Bestiary

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Wildstar Wednesday seems to shape up and we seem to get slowly more interesting information about the planet Nexus and his inhabitants. This week Loic “Atreid” Claveau introduces the Northern Wilds Bestiary. You will learn about Rootbrutes, Girrok and the Skeech.

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Bikes ‘n Babes!

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This weeks Wildstar Wednesday is my favorite one by far. Always since Troy Hewitt announced the existence of the mount in the first Q&A session I visualized a lewd Aurin female stretching out on it and it made me chuckle. “Bikes ‘n Babes!1!1!!” But it is not only that. Apart from Metal Maw this is actually the first real new footage we got since gamescom and I love it, can only hope that we get to see more stuff like this in future updates.

Where are the real Wildstar updates?

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If you followed my site you will realize that I stopped posting information about Wildstar during the past months. Don’t get me wrong, I anticipate the game and have high hopes (you can read the posts here) but the information policy and the community managers are driving me nuts.

Wildstar Central launches Wiki

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Our friends at Wildstar Central recently launched their Wiki. While information at this time is still limited the Wiki will grow as new content is being released by Carbine Studios. Check it out!

Metal Maw’s becoming Part2!

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This Wildstar Wednesday covers the second part of Metal Maw, from Concept to Creature. Metal Maw was created together with fans that came to the Wildstar booth at Gamescom 2011 in Cologne. The first part covered the phases of from sketch to artwork and now we will find out the steps that involve 3D modelling.

WildStar Wednesday: The Recipe for Perfect Music

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This weeks Wildstar Wednesday is all about Music. Lead Composer Jeff Kurtenacker talks about the musical opportunities to play with tonality and colors fitting to a future-fantasy setting. We also get to hear 2 new tracks, “What We now call Home” and “Justice doesn’t always wear a Badge”

Metal Maw’s becoming Part1!

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If you followed the Wildstar Gamescom 2011 coverage you will remember the coming to life of Metal Maw. Carbine hosted a life-drawing event with Senior Concept Artist Andy Cotnam in cooperation with the audience. Metal Maw’s first steps to become a badass Boss had been taken. While the actual event was quite funny, the result looked somewhat unimaginative. This made me wonder how Carbine Studios was able to actually turn this into a fearsome monster.