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Wildstar Friends and Family Video

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The past weeks I have totally been sucked into Diablo, driving back his forces to hell. Nothing has been able to get me away from the game so far, even my World of Warcraft subscription ran out (finally). But this week I got a mail from Carbine with a preview of todays Wildstar Wednesday and I was totally blown away. If you recall my rant about Wildstar Wednesdays and suggestions on how to improve them you will realize that this week they show how I always imagined them!

Wildstar hits 10k Fans!

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Congratulations to Carbine Studios! It seems that the crowd anticipating their upcoming MMOPRG Wildstar is growing day by day and has reached 10000 fans on Facebook. As reward they are giving away a nice T-Shirt.

Metal Maw – Lore and Animations

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Today we get an update on Metal Maw, a few new animations and the lore behind this boss. If you want to learn how the Eldan bio-engineered Metal Maw then read on!

Villains of Algoroc

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Last week Carbine Studios introduced the Zone Algoroc to us and now gives us a closer look at the hostile parties that will oppose our presence on Nexus. Atreid hands us data on the “Deadstar Marauders”, “The Darkspur Cartel” and “THE CROWE GANG”. Their history, races, latest activities and other intel.

Algoroc has been hit by Loftite fever!

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If you paid attention to previous Wildstar Wednesdays you noticed that the only zone we heard about was “The Northern Wilds”. For the Hoverbike screenshots Carbine Studios took us to a new Zone were taken in a new Zone and today we learn its name is Algoroc.

Conducting Wildstar Music

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Back when Lineage II was released I recall how the music impressed me. They used a real orchestra to record their score and it had so much atmosphere. Why am I writing about this? Carbine presents a video featuring the recording of the Wildstar orchestral score by Jeff Kurtenacker at the Eastwood Scoring Stage at Warner Bros studio.