Wildstar (Mini-)Bosses!

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This weeks Wildstar Wednesday shows 3 different minibosses from the starter area. Frost Giant, Xenobite Queen and the Zones bad-ass ULTRABOT. If you saw the video presentation then you have most likely already seen the Frost Giant and Ultrabot. The Xenobite Queen has been shown in an uncommented video, I’ll see if I can add it 🙂 But lets look at what Atreid has to say.

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Bikes ‘n Babes!

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This weeks Wildstar Wednesday is my favorite one by far. Always since Troy Hewitt announced the existence of the mount in the first Q&A session I visualized a lewd Aurin female stretching out on it and it made me chuckle. “Bikes ‘n Babes!1!1!!” But it is not only that. Apart from Metal Maw this is actually the first real new footage we got since gamescom and I love it, can only hope that we get to see more stuff like this in future updates.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Deep Dive

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2k Games published a new video of the upcoming remake of the original “XCOM: Enemy Unknown Game” by Firaxis. They aim to polish the game up to a modern standard while still staying true to the original game.

Mass Effect (Space) Launch!

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Bioware will launch copies of Mass Effect 3 Space Edition into the upper atmosphere from a few select locations. You can track these “on-of-a-kind fan prize packages” (probably they meant to write “one-of-a-kind”) and try to be the first to get to their locations.

Myrddin solos Anub’Rekhan 10m

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Previous tries did not work so well and I haven’t tried for a long time. Always thought with a bit better gear and some rng it would be possible at some point. This reset Anub’Rekhan, first boss of the Naxxramas Spiderwing was overdue. This was a messy kill and halfway through I was certain to die, ran towards the entrance to wipe. Next week I’ll give you a better kill.

Myrddin solos Faerlina

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This reset I tried my luck with Anub’Rekhan again and to my surprise I was able to kill him. The next Boss in Naxxramas’ Spiderwing is Faerlina with her 4 adds. The fight is very easy and should not post a threat to anyone making it past Anub’Rekhan. See yourself!