Skyrim Screenshots

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The Skyrim world looks just amazing, sometimes I just stand there and enjoy the scenery. Dungeons, the world, the weather … everything is so rich in variety and nevertheless uniform as a whole – authentic (for a fantasy world :D). Anyway here are some locations I just had to Screenshot.

New Video: The World of Skyrim

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A new teaser video for the upcoming open world roleplaying game Skyrim has been released by Bethesda. For me it is the most anticipated game of the year and it launches in 2 days. Enjoy the video!

Sammuthegreat to reveal Racial Boni and Perks

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If you have been following Skyrim you did probably stumble over Sammuthegreat on the official Forums as valuable source of information on Skyrim. He has been answering many questions about gameplay and a detailed look on his first impressions. But now he also released a list of racial boni and perks.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 25 Minutes Gameplay

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Well, I’ll be goign to play this game once it comes out and have been following it the past year already. It was mostly that fascinating Skyrim Music that gave me shivers each time I watched the official Trailer. Even aside the great atmosphere the game seems quite appealing as the latest Gameplay Video by Bethesda shows.