Mists of Pandaria – Blizzcon Recap

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At Blizzcon 2011 in Anaheim Blizzard Entertainment revealed the new World of Warcraft Expansion Mists of Pandaria. The first day of Panels gave a first glimpse at the changes we are going to have to expect and a few stunning surprises.

A look at the first PTR 4.3 Changes

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A few weeks ago Blizzard asked – class specific – which kind of changes players would like to see. For us Enhancement Shamans many posts were about Searing Flame, target swapping, AoE, underperforming vs ranged classes and the like. This raised high expectations. Now that 4.3 hit the PTR we can have a first look at what is new.

Myrddin solos Plague Quarter

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Soloing the Plaguewing in Naxxramas (level 80 raid instance) was another idea by one of my readers. Actually I thought Anub’Arak would have been the easier kill, but he appeared pretty tough and I kind of stopped trying Naxx at all witht eh experience at hand. But it turned out to be quite easy.

Enhancement Shaman solos Sapphiron

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Kapténx commented on the Enhancement Soloable Bosses Post that Sapphironw as missing on the list and indeed, I hadn’t even tried him, forgot about being able to port up to him before killing any other boss now. I gave it a try today!

Enhancement Shaman solos Void Reaver

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My fans (rawr yeah!) on YouTube got the request to fraps more soloing and I thought this would be an interesting Boss to show. The issue with Void Reaver, the 3rd Boss in Tempest Keep The Eye, is that he fires big balls of electrity that do a large radius AoE silence. While being in a 25 man raid it won’t matter that much, however soloing you will be targeted each and every time ending up more or less chain silenced.

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Enhancement Shaman Macros

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There is probably not a day where I don’t get a whisper or an email about macros. The big advavntage of using macros is that they increase your focus on the game by covering easy tasks and they let you save those precious slots on action bars. The more and tighter macros you are using the more flexibility you are losing, too. It is your choice how far you want to go.

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Transmo… what?!? How does Transmogrification work?

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In case you wondered, nope myrddin.de hasn’t gone Wildstar! World of Warcraft is still my game, but it doesn’t hurt to peek to the sides now and then, does it? 😀 The chant you seem to hear in WoW everywhere seems to be “Transmogrify!”. So we will take a look at how it works, what restrictions apply and I’ll show you my favourite gear.

Enhancement Shaman Craftable Items, Patch 4.2

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The coming patch will introduce new craftable items for us Enhancement Shamans, which will become within a few days into Patch 4.2. These items are Dragonfire Gloves, (Itemlevel 378) and Earthen Scale Sabatons, (Itemlevel 378). As for weapons, Blizzard apparently gave Blacksmiths the ability to craft an Agility Sword and a Strength Axe, but you know fairly well which of these weapons we won’t be able to use, don’t you? Good that they recently blogged about avoiding this kind of itemization issues. My forum posts are up to date unanswered 😀 Anyway here are the items and the required crafting materials.