Archaeology: Fossilized Raptor, Fossilized Hatchling

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Look what I found on Beta. Some guy was in Stormwind with a Fossilized Raptor and a Fossilized Hatchling as companion and I was able to make sone Screenshots before he dissapeared. After seeing the DK flying mount which looks more like a gnawed off “Wiesnhendl” from the October Fest than some scary flying beast, I am glad that this looks much better. They look better than they appear on the Screenshots.

Future of Zul’Gurub remains unclear

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A few days ago I reminded people of the coming closure of Zul’Gurub raid instance. I had some furhter questions, for example what happens to the Deathcharger’s Reins and decided to try my luck with a GM Ticket as there haven’t been any official updates, yet. I’ll just gather the Information of the past days here. Update: new information here.

Cataclysm: Zul’Gurub removed

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This is a reminder in case this News from last weeks Cataclysm Beta Build went past you. A player noticed that a Zul’Gurub Achievement has been removed from the game and Blizzard confirmed the change. Zul’Gurub is a 20 player raid instance, introduced as content patch in vanilla WoW. While raids were typically 40 players at the time ZG was the first raid for smaller groups, basically the level 60 predecessor of 10 man raids today. Epic drops were, aside from Hakkar, the rare exception. Zul’Gurub provides 3 interesting drops, still. The Swift Zulian Tiger, Swift Zulian Raptor and Tome of Polymorph: Turtle. Update: new information here.

Headless Horseman farming

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So now Hallow’s End is over and we farmed Healess Horseman’s Mount nearly every day in a fixed group with alts and friends. We farmed it about 10 days with 20-40 kills each and the the Scarlet Monastery Graveyard looked like this: There were like 30-40 Sinsiter Squaslings and Hallowed Helms, lots of Helms, Swords and Brooms but not a single “The Horseman’s Reins”. Got to love RNG!

Call of the Crusade, Pirate Day and Brewfest!

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The past weeks I haven’t been very actively updating since the heroic modes of Call of the Crusade became available. Basically we farm Ulduar 10/25, VoA 10/25, ToC 10/25 normal on Alt and Main Characters. The bright side of it all that we get, including the Heroic Daily, 79 Emblem of  Triumph per reset and most of us have the T9 4 piece bonus now and we can hopefully get Anub’arak on 25 (heroic) soon. Pirate Day has started so you might like to visit Booty Bay and talk to Captain Demeza next to the Horde Flight Point on top of the Booty BayBank for “The Captain’s Booty” which is required for “What a long, strange Trip it’s been!“. You’ll get a 12 hour Buff to look like a pirate! Also tonight the Brewfest will start. There are lots of Achievements and dailies to do, especially to farm the mount in BRD. If you want to do me a special service do a /spit on Ipfelkofer Ironkeg at the Ironforge Brewfest, trust me he deserves it! If you want a full sumamry of dailies and things to do at the Brewfest you might like to check out WoWhead. In any …

New Mounts introduced in PTR Patch 2.3

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Here are Screenshots of the New Mounts that are introduced with the new PTR Patch 2.3. The Engineer Flying Mount, Hippogryph Cenarion Mount and the most awesome looking Bear Mount from Zul'Aman: The Bear Mount is the coolest Mount ingame, it really looks awesome. Also the enigneering Mount, which will not backfire as the other engineering gadgets, looks really nice. No way though I will spend 2000g for the Hippogryph Mount, the most ugly thing I have ever seen.Yikes. More Gyrocopter pictures: And here is the recipe: Flying Machine 8 sec cast Tools: Arclight Spanner, Blacksmith Hammer Reagents: Adamantite Frame (2), Fel Iron Bar (30), Handful of Fel Iron Bolts (8), Star Wood (8), Fel Iron Toolbox, Elemental Seaforium Charge (4) Description: An amazing machine that allows the Engineer to fly in Outland. The Epic Version can be found in the Link above, but there are still unknown Reagents.

Epic Netherdrake Mount as reward for Top Arena Team!

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AtomicPC reports that the Epic Netherdrake Mount is going to be the reward for the quarterly Top Arena Teams. This is seems to be for sure a very nice reward! You can read the whole Article here or just read the excerpt about the Arena below. The Arena: Not everyone wants to raid, but everyone wants top items. Previously raids and quests were the only way to get top items. To give players something cool to do to get those items without the ‘grind’, Blizzard is introducing the Arena system. Tom Chilton explains the workings: ‘With BC the Arena system gives rewards on par with the best you’ll find in the rest of the game. Any time we start new raids, we’ll start a new Arena season that gives us the opportunity to add a new set of Arena rewards to keep up with that. Each season lasts three months, and at the end of that, based on your position on the ladder, each person in the top team is going to receive an Epic armored Netherdrake mount.’

Patch 1.12.1 mount changes.

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Apparently the Patch 1.12.1 will change the way mounts are handled. The price for mounts will greatly reduce, while the skill to learn riding – 75 for bkue mounts and 150 for epic mounts – will cost 90 and 900 gold. No worries, if you already have an epic mount you will learn the riding skill automatically, once the patch goes live. Read more about the upcoming patch here. There are no patch notes availlable, yet. I will give an update when they are published.