Wildstar Footage from Gamescom 2012

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Finally some exclusive footage from Wildstar at gamescom 2012 made it to gametrailers. Jeremy Gaffney gives us an excellent walkthrough of combat, environment, new zones. There are tons of new pieces and bits, inclusive the estimated start of the Wildstar Beta!

Account-wide Mounts on Beta!

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A feature we (at least me) have been waiting for a long time is account wide mounts. One of the few remaining really rare old epic mounts. The vanilla epic mounts did not look epic enough for Blizzard so they decided to add armor and stuff to it. Most people turned their mounts into the new ones which made them really really rare these days. Since Myrddin was born in TBC he had no possibility to get the awesome old Black Saber and always envied Slant for this beauty. Now I can ride it, hooray!

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Bikes ‘n Babes!

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This weeks Wildstar Wednesday is my favorite one by far. Always since Troy Hewitt announced the existence of the mount in the first Q&A session I visualized a lewd Aurin female stretching out on it and it made me chuckle. “Bikes ‘n Babes!1!1!!” But it is not only that. Apart from Metal Maw this is actually the first real new footage we got since gamescom and I love it, can only hope that we get to see more stuff like this in future updates.

Myrddin vs Kael’Thas Sunstrider

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Yeah, sadly I am not soloing Kael’Thas Sunstrider, the final boss of the Burning Crusade 25 man instance “The Eye” aka Tempest Keep, yet. But with Fs, from Borked, at your side nothing can go wrong and it is almost an overkill already. For a couple of years we have been running instances for mounts, not very lucky though I have to admit 😀 As you can see we have a lot of fun though!

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Enhancement Shaman Macros

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There is probably not a day where I don’t get a whisper or an email about macros. The big advavntage of using macros is that they increase your focus on the game by covering easy tasks and they let you save those precious slots on action bars. The more and tighter macros you are using the more flexibility you are losing, too. It is your choice how far you want to go.

Cataclysm: ZG Removed, Mounts removed, Pet removed

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Blizzard has finally published detailed plans on the future of raid mounts. They recently announced that they intend to remove mounts in cataclysm, but kept the how and when rather vague. I still don’t quite understand why they have to close down Zul’gurub, an instance that I ran since opening, nearly each reset. The atmosphere inside is just so amazing with all the details places at various places and by far my favourite raid instancem. Sure polygons are and textures aren’t up to wotlk, but still it has an unmatched flair to attached …