ME 3 Save: Grande Finale Scene, 3 Choices

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This is the very last scene in Mass Effect 3. Shepard is, together with the catalyst, at the top of the citadel. He can choose 3 possible solutions, which will show 3 different final cut scenes – or not 😀

ME 3 Save: Love Scene Ashley

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Ashley, a female Alliance Soldier, who fought and possibly shared your bed in Mass Effect 1 becomes a possible romance option in Mass Effect 3 again. I have 2 save games for you, the first one should give you the paramour achievement and the second is the actual love scene.

ME 3 Save: Love Scene Miranda

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A possible romance option in Mass Effect 3 is Miranda, the (Ex-)Cerberus Agent. Halfway through the game she makes an appearance where you can select if you still have interest in her (provided you did in ME2) and later on she meets you in the presidential commons for this Scene.

Mass Effect 3 Hacks & Cheats

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Haven’t even started to play properly but ended up more interested tweaking Mass Effect 3 more than actually playing it. As usually I started using Cheat Engine to tweak Credits and Power Points, but that ended up being somewhat unreliable, a few issues came up. Mass Effect 3 brings a more convenient way to tweak stuff, the Coalesced.bin, formerly known as Coalescd.ini in Mass Effect 2.

Mass Effect (Space) Launch!

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Bioware will launch copies of Mass Effect 3 Space Edition into the upper atmosphere from a few select locations. You can track these “on-of-a-kind fan prize packages” (probably they meant to write “one-of-a-kind”) and try to be the first to get to their locations.