Earning Gold: Addons

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Some extremely useful addons for mass auctioning are Auctioneer, Auc-Util-BigPicture, Bulkmail2 and Bulkmail2Inbox. Auctioneer You can get the latest Auctioneer package here. It is a great tool and has a lot of functions.  To keep it as light as possible I am not using all modules. Here is a list of modules I am using: !Swatter, Auc-Advanced, Auc-Filter-Basic, Auc-ScanData, Auc-Stat-Classic, Auc-Stat-iLevel, Auc-Stat-Simple, Auc-Util-FixAH, Informant, SlideBar, Stubby Auc-Util-BigPicture AUBP is a great plug-in for Auctioneer. It calculates your total worth by adding cash, inventory, banks contents and auctions and gives out a total amount. For example if your total worth is 100k gold and you just spend 2k gold on infinite dust and you put up those infinite dusts for 5k on AH then AUBP will tell you that your Total is now 100k-2k+5k=103k You can get this tool here. BulkMail2Inbox If you are going to post thousands of auctions you might like to consider a tool that gets mail out of mailbox convenient. There is currently a limit of 50 items per minute, no addon can get around that. You get a nice big “Take all”-button to your inbox. You can get BulkMail2Inbox here. BulkMail2 If you are going to …

Earning Gold: Glyphs

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Glyphs are easy, fast and cheap to craft, therefore they provide a simple way to make huge auction house profit for the persistent seller.

How to play Enhancement Shaman and use Rotations

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This Guide has been written in 2009 when Ulduar was the highest Instance. Now that Cataclysm has been incoming I suggest you take a look here for updated Information:   The Enhancement Shaman Guide 4.0   A lot of search queries here seem to be related to questions about how to play an Enhancement Shaman and which Rotations to use. I will try to summarize this from my own experience, so do not expect any scientific approach and trust my gut feeling 😉 With 3.0 Developpers promised to make Enhancement Shaman “less mathy”, but the opposite is the fact. Noone knows exactly what is best at the moment, everybody has a different statweight for his character and his playstyle. No simulator can actually help with that. While we believe to know all theories on how our strikes and spells are being calculated, simulators are only as good as their programmers. They also do not take things in count like tanks moving out of totem ranges, or the occasional offheal, placing totems new situational totems. I guess not even for a static fight like Patchwerk they are 100% accurate. However if you have no idea which stats you should be looking …

Getting Halaa Marks easy

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These days when Halaa is abandonded and you are still need to get Halaa Battle Token, to get the Halaa PvP Talbuk Mounts for example, there is an easy way to get these Marks. Alliance has it much easier since equipping the Crystal of Zin-Malor (Alliance Quest that starts in Winterspring) will damage and kill you. The Crystal of Zin-Malor “Deals damage and drains 100 to 500 mana every second if you are not worthy.” If you die from this item you, and everyone else in your party, will get a Halaa Battle Token. Alternatively you can bring a warlock who can lifetap and die to his own Hellfire, which will also result in a Halaa Battle Token for the warlock and everyone else in the party. To speed things up I have a macro that will help with this. It will release your corpse and accept the Spirit Healers Spirit Resurrection. /tar Spirit Healer /script RepopMe(); /script RetrieveCorpse(); /script AcceptXPLoss(); Here is a little Video: enjoy

Updated Macro’s for WoW 2.0

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I have updated the macros in the World of Warcraft section to UI version 2.0. There are currently only Druid and Rogue macro's that I find useful in my daily playing time. You can findthe link to the right or here. The information is taken from the Rogue & Druid Forum on the official Website. But the best Guide is still Neuro's Guide to WoW Macro's that you can find here.

WoW 2.0 Macro Changes – Examples

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In the World of Warcraft Forum there is a very nice post about the coming changes to Macros in World of Warcraft 2.0 Patch. If You are using Macros You really need to look into this. Due to the nature of the WoW Forums that seem to drop Postings after a while I have attached a Text file as download. There are changes that make it easy to either cast Ambush or Backstab dependant on Stealth in a simple macro. You can also set a /castsequence for spells, that will cast the spells one after the other each click. The handling of stances, buttons and targets equipped items are much more convenient. Examples: Cast Ambush if stealthed else Backstab: /cast [stealth] Ambush; Backstab Mount if You are not mounted and outdoors: /use [nomounted,outdoors] Black War Steed Bridle Warlock: /castsequence Corruption, Immolate, Curse of Agony Cast Greater Heal on a friendly target, or Smite if the player is in combat, or Mind Flay if the player is not in combat: /cast [help] Greater Heal; [harm, combat] Smite; [harm, nocombat] Mind Flay Macros in WoW 2.0 & Macros in WoW 2.0 (PDF)