Patch 4.0.1 Feedback

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It has been a good 2 resets that we could test the new 4.0 content and one thing has become clear. Enhancement DPS definitely went down. During the first reset I was a bit disappointed to see, despite the new abilities and the new hard hitting Lava Lash, tha tI lost a good 1-2k DPS. At first I blamed screwed up rotaion and similar silly mistakes for it, but with this weeks reset and a lot more practice it has become evident that we indeed lost a good chunk of dps. I recall Blizzard promises when they first announced the changes for 4.0 – “Your DPS will NOT GO DOWN”, but in fact all Melee classes took a big hit the first 1-2 days. We had our Warriors, who did 18-20k DPS prepatch, doing less 10k dps and then 1 day later after a massive uproar in the Forum were back to their prepatch dps, maybe even a bit higher. This Fix also gave Retribution Paladins and Feral Cats, who are at 22-23k DPS in their BIS gear now btw, some buffs. Leaving us pretty alone at the lower end of the DPS Meter.

3.3 Shaman Changes, Fire Nova

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Patch 3.3 has been applied to the Public Test Realm. Shamans “Fire Nova Totem” will be replaced by the Fire Nova Spell on 10 seconds cooldown (8s,6s talented; 3s glyphed). Watch it here in action.

3.2.2 Shaman Changes: Totem of Quaking Earth

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After the recent complains about the bugs and general power of our Enhancement Totem of Quaking Earth they changed the proc to be 400 AP instead of 200 AP. I have a link to the MMO-ITEM DB here. It is kind of odd that no other shaman changes are listed for now, but well the improvement of the Totem will be a nice boost and we Enhancement Shamans will no longer run around with the Elemental Totem anymore. Shaman Totem of Quaking Earth: Each time you use your Lava Lash ability, you have a chance to gain 400 attack power for 18 sec. (Up from 200 Attack Power) It is not yet in any official Patch Notes, but some Shamans confirmed this change already in the PTR Forum. Don’t forget to save up some emblems for the coming Patch!

Patch 3.2 – Shaman Changes Summary

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The release of Patch 3.2 seems to be imminent, a good moment to list the coming changes for the Shaman class. You can find the complete patch notes here. Personally I am looking forward to see the Totem Bar, the ability to drop multiple totems at the same time. I am not so sure what to think of the Earth Shock change, yet. At least you can continue full dps while interrupting, at the cost of one more button on the action bar. Quote from: (Source) Class Changes Base health increased by approximately 7% to correct for shamans having lower health than other classes. Ghost Wolf: Can now be learned at level 16. While in this form, snaring effects may not bring the shaman below base normal run speed. Totem Bar A customizable totem bar will now be available for shamans allowing the storing of 4 different totems. These totems can be placed on the ground at once in one global cooldown for the combined mana cost of all 4 totems. The naming scheme of the spells to summon the different totem sets has been changed to make it less confusing for players: Call of Fire (Totem Bar 1, …

Class Q&A: Shaman 06.2009

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The Q&A that you can find in Original here is all about the Shaman class and a quite interesting read. It seems that Blizzard is well aware of our issues and some fixes are incoming. This week we’re starting our class Q&A series with Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street and the development team. We’ll be taking a look at each class and answering some of the top questions brought forward by their communities. First up, we take a look at the most asked questions from the shaman class and find out more about the design philosophy behind the class, the expectations for the class, and what may lie in store for it in the future. Shaman Q&A with Ghostcrawler and the World of Warcraft Development Team Community Team: We’d like to start things off by asking a question that players often ask in regard to the very purpose of each class. In this case, we’re looking specifically at the shaman, which has seen a variety of changes since the start of World of Warcraft and perhaps doesn’t fit into the original description quite the way they used to. Q. Where do shamans fit into the larger scope of things currently and where …

Patch 2.4.3 hits Live Realms

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Patch 2.4.3 finally came live. The biggest changes are mounts at levle 30, M’uru nerfed to nothingness and undispellable Buffs for Mages and Warlocks. Hardcore raiders absolutely loved the M’uru encounter, the biggest challenge since the 4 horsemen fight in Naxxramas, but this patch brings him to easy mode. 400.000 HP reduction on M’uru and Entropius and the humanoid adds also reduced by a significant amount (think it was 120k HP -> 80k HP). Why nerf this last great challenge? When they made Shamanistic Rage undispellable they severely nerfed its duration, while our worst enemies were not able to dispell it anyhow. To give mages and warlocks unnerfed, undispellable Buffs after 3.5 years of WoW sounds rather odd to me. Anyway here are the full Patch Notes: The latest patch notes can always be found at The latest test realm patch notes can always be found at General Dispel effects will no longer attempt to remove effects that have 100% dispel resistance. Parry Rating, Defense Rating, and Block Rating: Low-level players will now convert these ratings into their corresponding defensive stats at the same rate as level 34 players. Haris Pilton has launched a new line of bags …