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Wasteland 2, Save Game and Characters

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Wasteland 2 is a cool fun game that cam out a couple of days ago. I love old school RPG (Role Playing Games) and reading through well written dialogs. But I am not so much a fan of tedious fighting. Hence I took a look at the save games during beta and the custom characters. here is what I came up with.

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Wildstar Warrior Gameplay

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When I first heard about Carbine Studios glorious idea to start their class game-play streams during BlizzCom I had to chuckle. No doubt Carbine delivers amazing videos and the game looks solid, but there have been quite an amount of little things that are very annoying. And this is definitely one of them …

Worldfirst Level 90 reinstated to FS after 6 months

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Blizzard has just reverted their account action versus Fs. He was the world first to reach level 90 in 4 hours time, by killing off Mistweaver Shamans. Fs always claimed he used no exploit, did not act versus the rules of conduct, but Blizzard took aways his achievement and set him to level 87.

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It has been a blast!

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You probably wondered why I haven’t posted about World of Warcraft in a while. The simple truth is that my motivation has been steadily declining with the lack of updates and content. Just do the math, from November ’11 to Sept’12 that is 10 months and fees without new content …

Wildstar Footage Combat Telegraphs

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This week Jeremy Gaffneys talks about Combat Telegraphs. The Combat-UI in Wildstar displays the area of effect for hostile actions as red paintings on the floor. Jeremy Gaffneys shows these combat elements in a video on various examples. Enjoy!

Wildstar Footage from Gamescom 2012

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Finally some exclusive footage from Wildstar at gamescom 2012 made it to gametrailers. Jeremy Gaffney gives us an excellent walkthrough of combat, environment, new zones. There are tons of new pieces and bits, inclusive the estimated start of the Wildstar Beta!

Participate in the REDkit beta!

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Head over to the Witcher 2 Website if you want to take part in the upcoming closed beta test of the REDkit. This is a mod tool that will make it easy to create your own Witcher 2 mods.

Wildstar Social System Concepts

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Since the very first moment that Jeremy Gaffney talked about being the first MMO with a special social designer I have wondered what this person’s job was. To be honest I am not a real fan of facebook/twitter and co and I feared that it was some useless connect to these kind of social networks. Fortunately This week’s Wildstar Wednesday clears things up for us.