Honor Gain Reduction by 30% announced

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Players brought up the question, if honor rewards would be going up in prices because they seem to be ridiculously easy to obtain in comparison to what it used to mean to gain Rank 14. 2 Days ago Drysc replied to this matter: "More than likely the prices will be adjusted for the current honor rewards sometime after the expansion releases to reflect their 'value' more appropriately when compared to expansion items. That would mean the prices would be going down though, not up." – Drysc This is the reason most players are somewhat startled to hear that the total Honor Gain has been reduced to 30%. Nethaera has posted some information on this matter.  "Now that the Before the Storm content patch has been live for the past week, we’ve had a better opportunity to track the rate at which players are accumulating honor, and subsequently how easy it's been to obtain honor rewards. In gauging these elements, we've determined that the effort required to obtain honor rewards is more trivial than we had intended. As a result, during today's maintenance we’ve applied a hotfix that reduced the amount of honor gained by approximately 30%. This change allows the …

Arena Points and Rating

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With the coming Arena System the question arises, how fast You will be eligible to receive the awesome arena rewards. At WoWSzene.de this chart has been published: [table id=1 /] This basically means, the higher Your teams rating, the faster You will be able to get the rewards. As seen on the Arena Reward Page a mace rogue will need roughly 5625 points for weapons and 8250 points for armor. This means it will take roughly 8 weeks for the Top Arena Team to get all their items. Just take note that the top Arena Rewards do not necessarily need to be the top PvE rewards. Arena items are all about standing power while for a Rogue PvE items will all be around maximizing damage output.

The coming Rogue Changes in 2.0

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As listed in the official patch notes and on the World of Raids Forum these are the documented and undocumented changes that will come to the Rogue Class. Rogues will no longer aggro targeted mobs that have not been attacked when their "Stealth" cooldown expires. "Anesthetic Poison" is now properly available at level 68 at the rogue trainers. Stunning an NPC will no longer cause the message "You must be behind your target" when rogues properly try to use abilities behind a target. The talent, "Dagger Specialization", will now use the appropriate crit chance. Unofficial: Improved Backstab moved to tier 2 Assassination. Unofficial: Improved Slice and Dice moved to tier 2 Combat. Unofficial: Surprise Attacks changed to "Your finishing moves can no longer be dodged, and the damage dealt by your Backstab, Gouge, Shiv, and Sinister Strike abilities is increased by 8%". Unofficial: Improved Sap and Elusiveness have swapped tiers. Unofficial: Improved Sap now 2 ranks, 50%/100%. Unofficial: Preparation changed to "When activated, this ability instantly refreshes the cooldown on your Evasion, Sprint, Vanish, Cold Blood, Adrenaline Rush, and Premeditation abilities." Goodbye double Cloak of Shadows/Blind in arenas. Unofficial: Cloak of Shadows is now 1 minute cooldown instead of 2. …

All Burning Crusade Arena Rewards

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Here is a list and screenshot of all Arena Rewards that can be found in Burning Crusade. Take note that rated Arena matches will only be available at Level 70. All other matches will be skirmish mode only and You will not even receive honor points. If You won 10 matches in Your Arena Team You have achieved all You could and more rated matches can only make You lose and thus reduce the Arena Points you can receive. Take a look at this thread on the official WoW Forums for more details on the Arena System. But here are the screenshots You came for: Arena Reward Weapons Armor Reward Armor

Patch 1.13 coming on December 5th

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As confirmed by blue the new Patch 1.13 "Before the Storm" will come online at December 5th. If You are still trying to gain Rank it will be too late now. Next reset Your gained Rank will no longer grant You access to the PvP Items due to the changes to the honor system. In my eyes Alterac rewards will be much harder to get now with the new requirements, but we will see. I suppose for us Europeans it will mean that we get the patch 1 day after. The coming patch will include the new talents, the new honor system and many more features of the Burning Crusade Expansion.  "The next World of Warcraft content update, “Before the Storm,” will include the new PvP Honor System, as well as other new features that will prepare us for The Burning Crusade expansion. We are currently planning to release this content update next Tuesday, December 5. Please note that the patch date is still subject to change, and we will keep you informed of any changes to the plan as they happen. If the patch goes live as planned, this will be the last week that new PvP ranks under …

Statistics online – Auctions, Created Items, Creatures, etc

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The Blizzard has brought extended statistics online. Via the World of Warcraft webpage you can easily access statistics on auctions sold, created items, dangerous creatures, gathered items, looted items and quests completed. Who would have thought that Copper Ore is the most gathered item? Or Vaelastraz the Corrupt the second most dangerous creature in the game? (Well Vaelastraz has caused us more problems than he used to due to overaggro with imab weapons – hehe)

World of Raids publishes more Tier V – Sets

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World of Raids has published more Tier 5 Sets on their forum. Click here to jump to the thread. They are including all sets on all Races and Genders as soon as they come available. Really awesome work World of Raids. You can argue about taste, but I think the current Tier III is much nicer. Compare Dradnaught Armor to Warrior one which is just plain ugly. And then there is still the Skeletor-look of the Rogue set. Just the Warlock Tier V Set looks really really great, especially on orc.

Good News for Druids, Consumables and Weaponprocs may come back

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Vaneras has some good news for Druids. Blizzard is evaluating what kind of consumables and weapon procs could be back to the Game. While the implementation was a originally a bug, the devs like the idea of implementing this. Read here yourself. Vaneras: The fact that Druids in the beta test could use consumables and items while being shapeshifted was a bug. It was an unforeseen side effect of the original intent, which was to allow for Druids to interact with NPC's while being shapeshifted. However, the developers do like the idea of consumables being used while in Druid forms, but the above mentioned bug prevented a proper implementation of this ability, which would otherwise allow shapeshifted Druids to use certain consumables such as Rage and Healing Potions, Thistle Tea and Healthstones. The developers are currently evaluating which items they want Druids to be able to use while in forms, and as soon as all issues are resolved, it will be reintroduced into the game.