New Mounts introduced in PTR Patch 2.3

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Here are Screenshots of the New Mounts that are introduced with the new PTR Patch 2.3. The Engineer Flying Mount, Hippogryph Cenarion Mount and the most awesome looking Bear Mount from Zul'Aman:


The Bear Mount is the coolest Mount ingame, it really looks awesome. Also the enigneering Mount, which will not backfire as the other engineering gadgets, looks really nice.

No way though I will spend 2000g for the Hippogryph Mount, the most ugly thing I have ever seen.Yikes.

More Gyrocopter pictures:


And here is the recipe:

Flying Machine
8 sec cast

Tools: Arclight Spanner, Blacksmith Hammer

Reagents: Adamantite Frame (2), Fel Iron Bar (30), Handful of Fel Iron Bolts (8), Star Wood (8), Fel Iron Toolbox, Elemental Seaforium Charge (4)
Description: An amazing machine that allows the Engineer to fly in Outland.

The Epic Version can be found in the Link above, but there are still unknown Reagents.

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