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Witcher 2 is actually the first game where I like dwarfs, they are so charismatic and authentic (considering they are dwarves). One of my favourite moments, I still have to giggle when I think about it, takes place in Vergen. Zoltan is taking part in Philippa Eilhart’s healing ritual. But watch the video below.

Philippa Eilhart is healing Saskia

The situation is so grave. Saskia has been poisoned and Geralt spent so much time gathering the correct ingredients for the ritual. It is not even certain that Saskia will live, Henselts Army is approaching Vergen everything depends on the outcome of the healing spell.


  1. @HanbockTV Actually she is poisoned and this is the cure! 😀 makes me want
    to get sick, too … but I fear only roseanne would kiss me back into life

  2. i dont know what you guys are talking about but Nymphomancy is the greatest.

  3. I don’t think I’d ever ask any woman why she was wearing only a towel! I’d
    only enjoy the presence! On the other hand, I think I changed the model 😀
    It would just fit the whole Lesbomancy even better.

  4. @Arxidianomeas It happens when you side with the elves and is the just
    before the siege of Vergen.

  5. that is cool i can watch it all day … my favourite type of magick is also

  6. I love the dwarves’ voice acting in The Witcher. They’re just hilarious. I
    think it’s the accents. I doubt it’d work with anything other than Scottish.

  7. @MrMike0113 Yeah, the dwarves are amazing in witcher 2. In fact it is the
    first game where I actually like them. The best scene is probably the
    Tavern in Vergen you meet the whle bunch of them and when they accompany
    you in the mines. Great dialogues, hilarious good.

  8. Yeah, the Dwarf rocks. Witcher II is the first game where I love dwarfs, they are all hilarious.

  9. quit repeating yourself, are you a nut or something? Keep children away from you!

  10. Maybe if they keep their hands off the children, but the temptation is too great.

  11. Lesbomancy, Nymphomancy… I am master of all these forbidden, eldritch arts.
    They call me the Playamancer. Know my pimphand and despair.

  12. /* Puts on best dwarven Scottish accent */ You sir, are a cunt.

  13. You know so much of this ‘temptation’ are you a lesbian? If not, speak no more of it, for you know NOTHING of it.

  14. Well if they are doing bad things then maybe they should get help.

  15. Bad things? Only a pious idiot has a problem with homosexuals.

  16. I have a problem with people doing bad things to kids. Religion has nothing to do with it.

  17. Keep lesbians away from children? Da fuck lol?, they’re people too bro 😛 Besides, lots of em are already mothers xD

  18. i’d like to recommend you Andrzej Sapkowski’s book which on the game bases… this book is one of the best o have ever read… philosophy, humor, the plot, psychology, humor, love, secrets, elves, dvarves, humor… sad endings ;'( seriously, i never cry but reading this book… yeah… it’s a Polish book but you can find the translated version. Of course you can’t enjoy it as much without our sense of humor, connected with many swearwords in original language but all others are still ‘avaiable’

  19. I just love walking through town hearing “GIMME A KISS” haha

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