Blizzard Insider Interview Transcript about changes in PvP System

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Blizzard Insider has published an Interview about the past and upcoming changes to the PvP System with Lead Game Designer Tom Chilton. It covers these hihglights:

  • The Past of PvP
  • Balancing PvP and Raids
  • Lessons of the Battlegrounds
  • The Arena System
  • Arena Teams
  • Experiencing the Future

Read the Full transcript here or download and listen to the Interview here.

But it’s nice knowing that when I see something that feels broken, there’s something that can be done about it. It also helps me stay in touch with the player base because, like a lot of other players, I’m part of a guild. I hear people that are in the guild saying, “This particular aspect of the game feels screwy, and I really don’t like how it works,” etc. If I hear that enough, it’s very easy for me to say to myself, “You know what, I think this is really something that needs to be improved or changed.”

Haha. I wonder how many players will now start to whine in their guildchat if they want a change 😉

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